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FS200 iLASER FLAP TECHNOLOGY & Wavelight Allegretto Laser (A+ LASIK)

The FS200 iLASER FLAP TECHNOLOGY & Wavelight Allegretto Laser (A+ LASIK) is the most advanced and modern design laser for vision correction out today.  At Dulles Eye Associates, we believe that along with the best surgeons and compassionate care, we have to offer the best technology to our patients.  Northern Virginia and the DC region deserves the very best!  This is why we are the ONLY ALL LASER LASIK CENTER IN LOUDOUN COUNTY WITH WAVELIGHT ALLEGRETTO TECHNOLOGY!


The Allegretto laser is the fastest and most precise laser system for vision correction available in the U.S. The laser employs what is called "PerfectPulse Technology" to safely and accurately control every single laser pulse from start to finish.




• Like most German Engineering, The Allegretto laser is a remarkably stable laser engine, allowing each treatment to be precise and reproducible.


• Each treatment application goes through a rigorous calibration and will only function if a stringent criteria is met.


• Wavelight optimization and custom treatments allow for treatment of the ENTIRE CORNEA.  This allows the cornea to retain its ‘Natural’ shape reducing higher aberrations like haloes, starbursts, and glare


• In performance quality studies presented to FDA patients having LASIK with the allegretto laser showed improved quality night vision after LASIK than before LASIK with glasses or contact lenses.

> Speed, Precision & Safety


> Eye Tracking


> Perfect Pulse Technology


> Wavefront Optimization & Custom Treatments



FS200 & Wavelight Allegretto Laser.

+Better Outcomes (Higher % 20/20)

+Greater Accuracy

+Faster Speed

+Better Night Vision

Dulles Eye Associates is the only LASIK Center in Loudoun County to offer Allegretto Technology!

IF YOU WANT TO TAKE A STEP TOWARD CLEARER VISION WITH A+ LASIK call 703-723-9633 to schedule a free consultation with one of our surgeons at Dulles Eye Associates

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