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Broad Clinical Interviews

Broad Clinical Interviews
When I evaluate a new patient, I work to compress data collection and screen time on the front end of the visit so I can free up the remainder of the visit for face-to-face discussion and shared decision making. This intentional visit design is necessary because of the realities of modern clinic schedules. And so the questions I ask and their sequence is important to my understanding as well as the experience of the patient.

The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.
― Voltaire

Role of a Family Caregiver

In medicine there are clinical interview questions that deliver high impact nuggets at low-cost. This is one of them. This question exposes critical data that, in the background, often drives my initial approach to diagnostics and therapy. If you are a health professional try it and you’ll see. Clearly, there are clinical specialty visits that are more transactional where open-ended questions are not as critical. A good example would be consultation with a surgeon for hernia repair where the task at hand is unequivocal. (Source:
Fills visit dead space.
Exposes the hidden agenda.
Respects the parent’s opinion.
Gives me alternative ideas.
Clinical interview questions
Planning a medical scheme

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I had Lasik done on both eyes and the experience was great. I was legally blind in both eyes (corrected with contacts) and today I don’t need wear glasses to see at all. It really is amazing.
The procedure is explained in detail from start to finish.

Elliot R.
Elliot R.

I’m going to post here for Dr. Nasrullah. He is a fantastic Lasik surgeon. Even better, he really cares about his patients. He explained the surgery to me, answered all my questions. He re-checked my prescription before the surgery just to make sure they knew where I stood.

John M.
John M.